Monday, February 23, 2009

Just Keep Swimming

Melancholy (pronounced mel-uhn-kol-ee) color - blue, feeling - sad. It started Friday and has not stopped. I cannot seem to shake this feeling of blue. It's not the weather, my kids are less aggravating than normal, the girl is not having car problems, the husband is being sweet so what the heck is the problem. I pray that I can shake this feeling very, very soon. I do not like this at all!

I guess the little guy feels it emanating from me because he offered to take me to dinner tomorrow night. I had to ask him how he was going to afford it, you know I did. It turns out we are going to Pizza Hut. They have a 1 cent deal going on. Apparently it is affordable after all for a little guy to take his sad momma out to dinner.


vana said...

That's so sweet! I hope you can shake the bad boy blues away.

Anonymous said...

Shere, I am sorry to read that you will be leaving. I have been to the Pink House and you were not there. I miss talking to you. I know you will be happy to be with you husband. It is hard to leave a place you love being for the unknown, but you and the kids need the family together. Love you blog and the picks.

ronee said...

Blue..i know why..but it's not horrible..something that fills your life so..and then is gone..takes a mourning period!