Saturday, May 16, 2009

Class was a Blast

I didn't think I was going to make it. I didn't think Andreene was going to make it. I didn't think Lee was going to do a bumpy page. Lorna skipped out on a baby shower that she was cooking for (ok, only some of it). Michelle sat thru the whole class and actually finished her album. I don't have pics, but as always her project was fan-tas-tic. I love her work. I had so much fun and I ate way to much of the gourmet meal cooked especially for us by Publix. LOL. Didn't quite get to the La-ti-da meal but let me tell you, it was still really good.

Kind of sad, this was my last class here before I move. Hopefully there are some stores in DC that will entertain the idea of me teaching there. Can't believe we only have a couple more weeks. Hopefully, we will actually get to move when we planned. Right now it is not looking so good but I know that God has a plan and a timetable to go along with the plan so I will be patient. I really miss my husband though!

Been Scrappin -

When we lived in Okinawa, we took the kids on a hiking trip to Higi Falls. It took us 3 hours thru the jungle to get to the falls. The kids were exhausted and the water was so cold that they only got in once. Don't ask me where I got the huge walkin stick. It was probably something CJ found. I can't believe my kids are so little. They are Q's age. Where has the time gone? The girl is starting her 3rd year in college and the boy will start his senior year in HS. Wow.
These cutie pies are my cousins. About 6 years ago! They look nothing like this now!!

Got the paper, loved it and made a lo. Will put picks about my dad's garden on it. Going to visit him soon as he said some of his vegetables are ready for pickin. Yum, home grown veges. He doesn't use any pesticides or fertilizers so you can eat what he grows right in the field.

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