Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meatballs Gone So Wrong

So last night I get inspired to make a good old fashioned comfort food dinner. I visited my dad over the holiday and got some delicious fresh veges from his garden. I decided that we would have meatballs and mashed potatoes with them. Yum. I only had ground turkey on hand which always, always, always makes dry meatballs to me so I decided to ensure that they were moist and delicious. Um yeah that did not turn out so well. They were too moist and would not hold together, even with the egg I added. You can't just throw it away, that would be wasteful. I got the genius idea to make a meat sauce with them. Turned out to not be so great of an idea and what I got looked a lot like slop.

And yes I served it to the boys. The little suck ups said that they loved it. Yeah right, I had to hide it under everything else before I would eat it. If I don't see what it looks like, I can't get quesy. There is no way in heck the girl would have eaten it. Next time, I will throw it out!

A lo about my neice when she was a baby. She is 7 now. Such a big girl.

I have been working on this layout for about a month now! I got a great idea to place 2 papers together and sew a circle in the center than tear the circle out to reveal the paper underneath. It works great and I love it but I lost all motivation with it after that.

Well, thanks for stopping by and blog you later.

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