Thursday, May 14, 2009

So Whatcha Doin?

I have class this weekend so I am preppin kits. I love to teach but I hate to prep kits. It is so much cutting. And what was I thinkin? Making a patchwork page. Am I crazy? Look at all the little blocks!

I love this page. It is so summery and fun.

This though is still my all time favorite.

And what can I say, I never get tired of making paper bag albums. Not like the acrylic. After making 6 or so of those, I am done! But the PB albums, I still love making them as much as I did my first one. I still like acrylic, I just can't seem to get past my creative block with them. Here are a couple of pages from the album we will be working on this weekend. Fun.

(my favorite page! Love the little birdie)

I am so looking forward to class this Saturday. Andreene and Lorna are taking both of my classes and they are both so much fun. I finally smartened up and added more time to the project and I am providing lunch. My plan is to cook a homemade gourmet style meal (Braised chops with creamy corn sauce, layered salad and creamy mashed potatoes. My dad-in-law says that my mashed taters are the best he ever tasted) but we will see how that works out. Thanks for stopping by!

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