Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Conversations With Q

Q: Mom, guess what I found today.

M: I have no idea. What did you find?

Q: A tick!

M: (shocked/grossed out/worried about lime disease) A tick! Where and why didn't you tell me earlier?

Q: I found it on my arm at school. It was crawling out of my jacket.

M: Have you been in the woods with your jacket on?

Q: Of course.

M: Why didn't you tell me earlier (it was about 9pm) and where is your jacket now so that it can go in the wash?

Q: I don't know, I forgot and my jacket is on your bed.

M: Crap.

Guess who got no sleep last night because they kept waking up feeling like something was crawling on/biting them?


Michelle said...

You gotta love that boy.

ronee said... i am itching!