Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eating My Words

Just a yesterday I posted about how none of the blogs (at least the ones I visit) are buzzing about CHA.  I do my daily blog checks today and what do I see? The incredible amount of amazingness that this summer's show has to offer.  It seems that the most buzz is about the projects.  My head is buzzing with all the ideas.  My house is going to look like scrapbook central by the time I am done!  I will create so many projects we will have to hang them everywhere, including the backs of the bathrooms doors.  I'll be using scrapbook paper to make pillows!  Okay maybe I am going a little overboard but you get the picture.

On a whole other note, the hubby & I spent the evening (and I mean the ENTIRE evening, like 5 hours) doing yardwork - him and gardening - me.  I have the dirty gloves and bug bites to prove it. 

These were brand new when I started.  And a few after pics of the yard.  I didn't think to take pictures before but trust me, it was bad.  All of the plants were growing together in one big mass and they were full of the fall leaves & weeds.  There was no mulch to speak of and there were huge rocks throughout the bed. 

My husband cut the grass and edged the entire yard and both sides of the sidewalk. 

I know this is picture overload but I am just so dang proud!  Thanks for stopping by and have a happy Thursday. 

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betsy (pharmgirl) said...

I've been loving the cha posts too! you've done such a great job in your yard!