Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A First, Again

I cooked a meal tonight for one person only.  Just me.  I haven't done that since my 21 year old was 5.  It is unbelievable and a bit surreal to have the house all to myself.  To only be responsible for my own activities.  To be solo.  Can't quite wrap my head around it.  I guess I better enjoy it for it is going to be very short lived! 

Fourth of July was a blast.  Action packed.  More stuff than I have done in a month of Sundays.  Swimming, 2 cookouts in one day, fireworks and tons of family. 

I am so very grateful, from the bottom of my heart & soul for the men and women of the Armed Forces.  God bless them and their families for the hard won freedom that they ensure for every American Citizen. 

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