Monday, July 26, 2010

Glass Houses

Not the crafty kind (although that did spark an idea) but the kind one shouldn't throw stones at.  I visit several blogs everyday - bc they are the bees knees in my book - and I was starting to get a little huffy that many of them hadn't been updated since about the 16th.  Than I took a look at my last update date and immediately apologized to the wonderful designers who I am sure are super busy creating beautiful things for me to dream of creating.  Sorry.  Again.  Truly. 

Made this layout of my husband for a contest on the Prima blog.  I actually even submitted it!  I loooovvvveee it.  I can't explain why.  At first glance it is too girly with all the flowers and the soft colors but who is this layout for anyway?  Me, and I am a girl.  Next picky point is that it has too much stuff on it.  But back to the question, who is it for?  Me, and I love too much stuff.  Like snapple, more stuff is better stuff.  So just this once (probably not) I give myself permission to give myself a break.  Thanks self, I am going to hang this lo on the wall because I love it even more now. 

I started off with a white sheet of AC cardstock and glimmer misted it like crazy with 4 different colors.  Than I used TH bsoot distress ink to stamp the border at the bottom of the pic.  Went to work cutting some prima pearls apart and layering, layering, layering.  It took me 4 hours to do this layout and I started over at least 2X.  I distressed the edges of the white but it still felt plain so I put it on a piece of matching blue bazzil (didn't trim the white at all!). 

My niece is here for 2 weeks visiting and we are busy, busy, busy showing her the sights of DC.  She says that she is having a fabulous time.  Me too sweetpea, me too.  I can't believe how fast the summer is sliding by.  Time is on steroids.  Before I know it, it will be cold again. 

CJ and I have decided that we are going to settle down here in DC.  We are going to buy a house here and an income property in Aiken and settle down to a life.  My last child will spend the bulk of his childhood in one school, one home, one neighborhood.  That is huge.  It still breaks his heart that we had to leave Charleston and he still is homesick for it.  The income property is so that when my husband retires, we will be able to go home.  And if we play our cards right, we can get a property with enough land to build a small home on it (and a pool) that we can use as a vacation home in the summer -till the day we move there permanently- and as a home for our parents when/if they need to be moved in with us -after we have moved there permanently.  Still in the dreaming stages on this. You just never know what God has planned.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Monday.   


Jenniwren32 said...

Good luck with the Prima contest! Your layout is truly gorgeous!!!

Shere said...

Thank you so much! I love your blog and appreciate you stopping by mine.