Monday, February 22, 2016

By The Numbers

I have made a commitment to using what I have this year.  So far, so good.  I haven't really bought a ton of stuff since the beginning of the year but in order to really hold myself accountable, the numbers are coming.  So this is what is in my stash kit for March:

  1. 20 photos from our pre-digital camera days plus the option to print more from after we had a digital camera.  Yay for getting photos out of lock-down!
  2. 66 pieces of 12 X 12 patterned paper.
  3. 3 pieces of 8 1/2 X 11 patterned paper.  And the question of why do I have any at all?  I have never, ever scrapped 8 1/2 X 11.....
  4. 56 pieces of 6 X 6 patterned paper.  I must stop buying 6 X 6 paper pads ugh.
  5. A bowl full of miscellaneous loose embellishments and finally
  6. 45 packs/sheets of stickers and embellishments.
I have my permission to use as much of the other stuff in my stash as I need to to round out my "stash kit".  I've actually been doing this for a few months now and it is working out great.  I did try to do a curated stash kit but found that it killed my mojo.  So what I do now is just randomly pull out items from storage and than put them together in loose page kits with a sketch, pin or other inspiration that I have been wanting to try.  Works so much better for me.  

My overall goal is to get the pictures that talk to me on a page so that the memories that are important don't get lost.  Some of the photos are just nice and don't require a whole lot of thought or journaling, but others are important to me.  Also, I am the worst photographer ever and my pictures reflect that.  I have been able to improve them a little in Photoshop but most of the time, it is what it is and what is most important is the journaling.  

Enough of my rambling.  My goal is to 100% complete 57 pages in March.  I did a similar kit for February but didn't count what I began with so the numbers are a mystery lol....

Here is a look at 2 pages that I have been able to get done in this month.  The first is of my adorable niece when she was a baby.  Her mom had driven over for a little visit and we snapped a photo of her waving from the hood of the car.  What she was waving at I don't even know but she looked cute as a button.

Did I mention that in order for me to meet my goals, most everything that I scrap is going to be a lift?  Yep, this one is straight from my pinterest boards and based on this layout by Nicole Samuels using a Studio Calico kit.

I love the frames at the bottom of the page!  Love, love, love them!!  I used a stamp to stamp them in a loose row than filled the centers with random embellishments and papers that represented the page to me.  This is also one of those layouts in which there was no real story but the photos are an all time favorite.  Not great enough to blow up and frame because of all the distractions (car, no shoes, street, etc.) but just so adorably her at that age.

The other is of my daughter getting her hair put in pony tails before school.  And she is being way dramatic about it.  Really Ariel?? Really?

This photo had a story to it.  When you have a girl and she has a lot of hair, and you have a mom and she is terrible at doing hair, this is what you go through  Every Day.  Until I came across this photo, I had forgotten about the daily struggle to get her hair done.  So there is a large amount of journaling on this and even more that I can say that will probably go on the back of the layout before I put it away.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a happy scrappy day.......

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