Sunday, February 21, 2016

I Would LOVE To Scrap With

Debby Schuh and Laura Vegas.  Love to.  It has been years since I scrapped with anyone other than myself but I really, really miss going to crops and scrapping with my friends.  Since we moved, I am the only person that I know that scraps as none of my sisters or nearby friends do.  One of the things that I plan to do this year is to find a circle of scrappy friends in my area to hang out with on a regular basis.  

I still love to visit blogs and I stop by Debby S. and Laura V.'s blogs almost daily.  Can taking a class from someone be considered scrapping with them?  If so, I've scrapped with Debby before.  She is absolutely the sweetest person!  Love her and her talent is off the charts to boot.  I consider myself a terrible student in creative classes because I always end up doing my own thing but in her class, I was so smitten by her process and project that I followed along and created the album as she taught it and exactly as she taught it.  I still have that album 10 years later and I still love it.  

Laura V. has been a long time favorite scrapper of mine and she has been mentioned a million times on here over the years.  It would be a scary experience for her to scrap if she were to scrap with me :).  One because I am chatty and two because I would be looking over her shoulder the entire time trying to get a glimpse of her using that layout magic that she has.  I'm sure that I'm not the only fan girl out there that would be terrible to scrap with so feel free to fess up and share your story or a person that you would love to scrap with in the comments.  

My neighbors recently had a gorgeous new baby girl.  She is just beautiful!  As I was shopping for a gift for her, it gave me a nudge to 1) scrap more of my own baby photos and 2)  to create a baby book for her.  Since I don't regularly shop for baby stuff anymore, I forget how beautiful and soft the colors of baby things are.  Even though the entire rainbow of colors is used, the colors are so delicate and gently hued that they all just work together perfectly.  I don't want to create a mini album for her because I just don't think she would use it but I do want to do a simple, fill in the blanks book that a busy new mom doesn't have to invest more than a few minutes in and that has space for just one 4X6 picture on each page.  That way, she doesn't have to do anything other than add a small amount of info and a photo that doesn't have to be cropped.  I also plan to gift her with some snapfish shots so that when she is ready, all she has to do is upload and order the photos.  We'll see.  Still thinking that whole thing through.  

My layout shares for the day are......

From our visit to Niagara Falls last year.  We love it there and plan to go again this year.  The Maid of the Mist is one of our favorite things to do but you would be crazy to take a good camera on it.  It is a super wet ride and there is nowhere to hide from the water!  We put our phones in clear plastic bags but you don't get the best photos that way.  I used a postcard that came with our package in place of a photo for this lo.

My inspiration came from Scrapbooks, etc. magazines "Storage" edition from 2012.  I don't remember who the lo was created by but I was inspired by to use the banner.  My lo doesn't look anything like hers but if I find it again, I will come back and add her info.  I looked for it on pinterest and online but no joy and I don't know what I did with the mag.  Oh well, i'll be more careful in the future.             

And this one was inspired by this lo on pinterest.  I love the layering that she did on the page.  My son was a very happy baby and would almost always wake up like this.  Again, my photog skills are absolute crap but the photos had a story for me so I just lightened them in Photoshop, cropped them and put em on there.  The journaling will be on the back as I have a long story to tell.  

I have this super pretty, iridescent glitter in my stash and really wanted to use it on this page.  I simply used my finger to dab thick white glue directly on the page than sprinkled the glue with glitter, smushed it in with a scrap piece of paper, let the glue dry and tapped off the excess.  Love the look of it!  So sparkly but it doesn't take over the whole page.

Thanks for stopping by!  See you again soon.

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kate blue said...

I see that you may be somewhat local..I live in Howard County...drop me a note on my blog if you wanna come scrap with ladies! I can put together a crop and you can meet some folks who live in PG and Anne Arundel as well.. kate ps-love that you wanna use your stash..I'm going on a spending freeze in March