Monday, February 1, 2016

Being Prolific

This year I have a goal to do 2 things in my creative life, well maybe 3 or 4.  

1.  Blog More - I say this every year and end up fizzling out by the time the summer rolls around.  This time I plan to meet this challenge by changing my focus to documenting our life instead of documenting my creations/business.  

2.  Create More - I want to finish at least 1 layout a day this year.  Seriously, I am off to a really good start!

3.  Cut My Stash in HALF - Yikes!!!!  

4.  Participate in The Crafty Community More - Take challenges, post projects more, join in discussions and go to a crop.  A real life crop.  I am soo excited about going to a crop.  

Part of my plan to accomplish all of this craziness is to scraplift.  Most every page that I will be sharing in the near to distant future will be scraplifted.  From pinterest, sketches, message boards and finally pinterest.  I love pinterest.  So much.  And yes it is at the beginning and the end of my list.  Because I love it.  

I have 2 layouts to share today and both were created with no photos.  Which is great but I ran into a problem with one of them that just frustrated the crap out of me.  It is no secret that I hate, hate, triple hate to edit and print photos.  It is the bane of my creative life.  So I made this page about my oldest son.....

The pictures are terrible!  Dark, blurry, off-center, wrong size, ughhhh.  I tried everything in adobe to get them better but no joy!  I am going to give it another go on another day but I was done.  Still this layout is one of my all time favorites and came out so, so cute.  Every thing that went into making it is from my mountain of a stash!  Katie Pertiet's "Your Age" layout from Creating Keepsakes January/February 2012 issue was my inspiration.  Yes I do hoard magazines and have some from the 90's.  I couldn't find the layout online to link to but I'm sure it's out there somewhere.  

This next layout was created at the beginning of last year and I took a photo of my son specifically for it.  The editing for it went much better but seriously, editing is a pain!

The inspiration for this one escapes me at the moment, but I am sure it had something to do with the letters.  I couldn't make any more words that I wanted to use but loved this alphabet so much and wanted to use it all up.  

That's it for me and thanks for stopping by.

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