Wednesday, February 24, 2016

No Respector of Sleep

As I was driving home one day, a comedian was doing a skit (on the radio) on how young people don't respect sleep.  I found myself agreeing with everything he said and nodding as I laughed my tail off.  This is soooo true.  When i was younger I could sleep anytime, anywhere and I could get there real quick.  Now that i am older, I find myself having to work at getting sleep.  It's a process and there's a long list of requirements that have to be met before I can settle in to a good night.  It can't be hot, nothing can be on my feet (no socks, footies, long pajamas, etc), I have to be covered (it doesn't matter what kind of cover.  Sheet blanket, throw.  Just covered), my bed must be soft, no bra, nothing smelly on my face (try finding a face cream that fights wrinkles, exfoliates and plumps lines that doesn't smell funny.  It is a process too), I have to be clean, the room has to be both dark and quiet and my husband can't be snoring yet.  

Yeah.  It's that serious.  And I still get up at 2am for absolutely nothing at all.  Who knew that as you got older, you stopped sleeping through the night?  Ughhhhh.  Crazy town.

A few months ago, when I decided to start creating stash kits, I came across Jen Schow on youtube.  She has a ton of great video content on her channel.  What I was looking for was inspiration on creating stash kits and I found it with her old meets new series.  In one of the videos she talks about sewing on her pages and that is something that I do alot.  What I don't do however is take care of my loose ends.  I just trim them and it is what it is.  If they come loose okay.  If they don't fantastic.  

After she had sewn on one of her pages, she casually flipped it over and proceeded to pull the thread through to the back of the layout.  What!  Where has this idea been all of my life?  I'm sure its been around but seriously, it was new to me.  I have been doing it ever since.  Maybe it doesn't make a huge difference in the looks of my pages, but it makes me happy to not have frayed ends and loosening threads.  So now I'm obsessed and always looking out for great tips.  If you don't mind me asking, what tips have you come across that you actually use and love?  I would love to check them out and thanks in advance for spilling:)

I didn't sew on either of these layouts but I did get 2 more finished and they will be heading to an album today.  The first one is of my husband during his color guard days.  I loved to see him in this uniform!  I haven't finished the journaling but will get it done today before I put it in the album.

And this one is of me and my oldest son when he was a baby.  The picture is so casual.  Just an early morning shot of us on a random Saturday. We are still in our pajamas and had probably just finished breakfast.  This lo has a good mix of really old (hello orange Chatterbox paper) and really new.  The really new stuff hit my stash less than a month ago.  And again, the journaling will be added today.  I have to get better about putting the writing on my pages before I move on!

Hey, thanks for stopping by!  See you soon.....

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