Tuesday, February 23, 2016

So Classy :)

I'm taking so many classes that is.  Cheesy I know but I am really, really pleased with how many layouts I have been doing.  I've completed more than 50 this month alone!  Yay me....  But it's not just the quantity that makes me happy, I am loving the pages too despite the fact that a large number of the layouts don't have any photos on them yet.  I seem to be motivated by just getting getting moments and events down that I want to remember right now, right this moment, right this second.  That being said, I am happy to find that I am doing only slight fewer pages that have the photos either on them or with them waiting to be edited.  That is joyful folks.  And bonus - I am even using photos from the recent past instead of just my old pictures.  Let's just say that me and chronological are not speaking at the moment and I am not even sure that we were ever friends to begin with....

Last month, I signed up for some classes at Big Picture Classes and for a couple of classes at SB.com with my main goal being that I could take some (let's be real. ALL) of the creative pressure off of myself.  Between that and not forcing myself to look at my entire stash for supplies my pages are getting done, my albums are getting filled and there is a wonderful side effect of letting myself off the hook creatively.  New ideas and thoughts about what I want to create, ideas that I want to try and techniques that I want to take a shot at have been sparking.  

Yesterday I created 6 layouts.  6.  With a capital 6.  Wowzer.  I know that some of you are like only 6.  Please, I create that many every day.  My hat is off to you for being so prolific but this girl sometimes only creates 6 layouts in 2 months so this is a big deal to me.

It is very hard for me sometimes to let go of the idea that every page or album has to have.....................  Fill in the blank.  There always seems to be something that makes me get up and walk away to think about what that something is.  Several days later, I could still be thinking about it which is tragic. 

 I have gone to crops with layouts to finish and walked away from the crop with -1 layouts completed.  They don't give away prizes for that by the way in case you were wondering:) and yes that is a negative 1.  Negative because instead of completing a page, I actually took one apart because it wasn't "right".  Don't judge, I know that I am not the only one who has done and does do this.

Changing my ways has started with the classes.  In Nancy Damiano's class I walked away today with this beautiful page designed by her than built by me.  And the bonus page that was inspired by her ideas to overlap the photos, frame the title and diagonally stack the embellishments.  Love them both.....

 This is the page almost exactly as she taught it.  Love the photo but for some reason my printer is printing all of my photos dark.  My daughter took this photo of my husband and I goofing around on the swings in Downtown Charleston.  

And this is the layout that was inspired by the class.  I originally wanted to put 2 pictures of my niece on here but could only find 1 so added a journaling card instead.  I use the tag that was intended for my journaling to add the details like dates and places.  

I also created this layout about my daughters college graduation.  The journaling is on the back and talks about how happy we all were that day and how promising life is.  

It was inspired by this card by Tammy Tutterow. I love her work and was happy to be able to capture the feel of the card in a completely different format.  

Thanks for stopping by!  See you soon:) 

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