Thursday, February 18, 2016

Valentines Day Surprise

My husband sent me flowers.  I think this is the first time he has ever done that.  He will bring me flowers, but not send them.  He also sent me chocolate covered strawberries.  They were beautiful and delicious.  He never gives me candies which is 100% A OK with me.  One time he witnessed what I do to a box of chocolates and must have decided that it would be to painful to see it again.  I cut all of the chocolates in half and only eat the ones that have nuts in them, after I have scraped off most of the chocolate.  Most boxes only seem to have 3-4 pieces that I like and my little guy doesn't eat chocolate candy so they go in the garbage.  Sorry no photos but I loved everything so much that I wanted to mention it.

 So on the crafty front, I have had this laser cut paper by Basic Grey for 2 forevers!  Ditto the photo of my MIL & niece from the first time they met.  What better way to celebrate them both than by putting them together on a layout.  Not 100% happy with it because of how strong the laser cut paper is.  It just seems to steal from the photo a little.  But my motto is that once it is done, it is done and I really don't like to redo pages. 

What I did love on this page, was the layering and the black & white gingham brad that I have been trying to put on a page since Moses was a kid.  It didn't work on anything until this page came along........

I realized that I am getting a little behind on my journaling.  I have about 10+ pages that I need to get the journaling onto.  I guess there will be a tv marathon on Sunday.  

I enrolled in 2 classes at and signed up at Big Picture classes.  Taking the classes is all part of my scrapbook domination plan.  Big picture has so many classes that I am planning to take that my goal is to just follow the classes and not think about being creative at all.  Mindless creativity to get the layouts done!  But, with the classes that I took at, I create my first page pretty close to how it is taught and than I create another page using the concepts that I learned.  Yay me:) I get a gold star for being more prolific.  This first layout was for Nancy Damiano's class "Designing Your Story".  There is no journaling yet because I am still considering what I am going to say.

This is my take on her class.  I loved how she painted the cork so I took that idea a little further by watering down the paint and using it to water color some tags to match the cork numbers.  I will use the pull-out tag at the top to talk about where each one of us at in our lives in 2016.  My plan is to number each of the photos and again to number the journaling once I get it on.  This class is so fun and is making me crazy happy right now.

The next class I am loving is Becki Adams on Big Picture Class "Line it Up".

I stayed pretty close to her design and used one of my all time favorite photos of my crew at Disney.  

Loving the classes by the way.  And they are free.  If you don't count how much money you spend on class supplies.  Wuh Wuh Wuuuuuhhhhh lol.  Yeah I spent $100 on supplies which is crazy considering what I have already but at least I am contributing to keeping Alive right.  Anyway,

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon.

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