Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wildly Popular Trend That is Not For Me

Feathers.  they look really pretty when i see them used on other peoples pages but i just can't seem to get into them.  They are so not for me.  Believe it or not, I am kinda literal so if I were to use feathers on a page, it would have to be a page related to something with feathers.  Strange considering I just put a bunny and a cat on a page about my daughter and my niece.  They were a girl bunny and a girl cat so I'm good with that.  

So with March rolling in next week, I am getting a head start on prepping my supplies to meet my goal of creating at least 57 pages for the month.  I will count up the total number of pages that I created for February on Tuesday and give them a post.  February was a fantastically scrappy month and if I can keep rolling with that, my stash will be screaming by the end of the year:)  

I haven't made much progress on getting my loose photos into their dedicated album.  In fact, I don't think I have touched that album since late December, early January.  Thumbs down for me.  Could have been done by now....

What is done, is 2 more layouts (is that even good English?  IDK but it sounds funny).  The first is my sisters Christmas card from 2009.  Yep, 2009.  I scrapped it bc when I got it in the mail and took a look at it, I laughed so hard!  My brother-in-law is mean mugging like crazy in this photo.   Grinch much BIL?  Still makes me laugh all these years later.  

The design is based off of a 2013 sketch from Studio Calico.  

And this next one is of my youngest daughter with my brother.  I have no idea what she was upset about but thought that it was so sweet how he was trying to comfort her.  That is pretty typical for him.  He is a fantastic Uncle!

I scraplifted this from something off my pinterest board.  Do you delete pins once you have gotten inspiration from them?  I tend to just move them from one place to another and have a really hard time deleting anything, especially if it is from 2peas.  

The page was based on this pin.  The designer is not noted and the link just takes you to the We R Memories blog.  I loved how she just stacked a whole bunch of pretty stuff to the right of the layout but left the rest of the page with a lot of white space.  It looks very clean even though there is a ton of lovely detail.  IMO, this is because she kept all of her clusters tight together in one central spot.  I could be inspired by this one all over again, especially how she tied that twine in the corner:)  

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