Friday, February 26, 2016

Paper That Makes You Go Hmmmmmm.......

Getting down to the business of using your stash forces you to ask tough questions about why you buy things.  Some of the paper that I have been looking at, well I just have no words.  I don't want to use the U word because I have a lot of respect for the talent and work that goes into creating this stuff and the concept of one man's trash is another man's treasure surely is alive and well here, right now.  Seriously why in the world did I buy this stuff?  It is not my style or color or even the type of paper that I typically use.  But here it is, staring at me in all its multi-color glory.  I had to have bought that at a crop that was serving wine.  Lots of wine.  Take a look.

I know that some of you are like I LOVE that paper, what is she talking about? lol.  I told ya that I didn't want to use the U word because its not that.  It is just not something that I would ever, ever use.  Not my style at all.  I also have a ton of purple, which is my favorite color BUT I rarely wear or use it and no one else in my family likes it.  Sigh

So I have a question for you.  How much stuff do you buy just because it is pretty?  Do you only buy what you have a specific idea or project for or do you get a lot of just maybe's.  That may be just right for this or some day it may be just right for that.  I think that that is where I go wrong.  If it looks good to me right then and there, I buy it with no idea in mind for using it.  Hence the Mount Everest Stash.  

I was able to use a few things on the layouts I'm sharing today.  

I'm still working through my Niagara Falls stuff and had a couple more pieces of ephemera that I wanted to use.  I've only scrapped one photo from this trip and it wasn't of us, it was of the mist in the sky.  Don't know what that's all about.  Anywho, this was inspired by a layout in CK's Jan/Feb 2012 by Keri Babbitt called "Holiday Cookies".  It was based on this sketch.  I liked the brackets and the banner.  My original idea was to use flair to create the banner but no dice, I used stars and these cute alpha beads instead.  I made  lift up tab so that all of the info inside the card was available to see by simply lifting the tab.....

And secondly this layout about our trip to Disney last year.  I pinned this layout by the lovely Laura Vegas for Bella Blvd and used it as inspiration for the page.  I did manage to get a photo on this page.  My daughter took it at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom......

There is very little pp on here!  I have been hoarding that Disney vellum since the 90's and it turned out to have the perfect colors for this page.  Again I glued the pamphlet in a way that it can be flipped open to look at the content inside.  

 That's it for me.  Except for mentioning that I am thinking of taking the dive and trying Calvinball.  I had never heard of it before and just happened across NicoleJones911's prep videos.  Not sure yet.  Me and commitment are about on the same speaking terms as me and chronological are.  It is hard for this girl to stick it out to the end BUT it does seem like a ton of fun.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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