Monday, May 1, 2017

March Numbers

 I know it's May right!  But still, in March I:

  •                      Completed 61 layouts (much better than the 28 pages done in February!)
  •                      Used 114 pieces of patterned paper  
  •                      Used 26 packages of stickers & embellishments  
  •                      Used 60 pieces of cardstock and 
  • used up 3 rolls of washi tape (when does that ever happen?) and 
  •                      Used up 0 - 6X6 pads  

Not bad for a rookie user upper eh😎  I am super pleased with what I was able to accomplish in March and hopefully that will compensate a little for my sure to be terrible April numbers which I hope to get around to posting next week sometime.  I only blogged like 3 days last month...

I do have some pages to share today though and there are none that I hate so they all count lol.  

I love this page but am not so crazy about the photo.  This was taken way back in 2003 on a beginner camera.  Every single photo that we have from this trip managed to print super dark despite all of the glorious sunshine.  This one was taken inside so it is especially dark.  The story though.  The story is so important to how we live our lives now.  This was the first real vacation we had ever taken and it changed the way we spent our downtime.  Before we would take weekend trips that were more stressfull and super quick.  After, we decided that our family needed to spend more time traveling and getting away to do new things......

I realize that this page doesn't have any photos on it.  This is actually a page for the future.  Our last kid is leaving home this fall and I want to document what our first full year as empty nesters looks like.  I love how the page came out even though my stamping/embossing skills are not great......

Confession time.  I took apart one of my old scrapbooks and decided to rescrap all of the photos.  It was about 30 layouts.  I didn't like any of them!  This is the first and the photo will give you the first look at why most of the pages had to go.  I love this photo of my daughter but I had cut it up to go on the page.  I scanned it but could not make it bigger without losing quality.....

I saved my favorite for last.  This page was fun to make and is fun to look at!  I used several different colors of floss to stitch that fun circle pattern in the background.  I was brave (maybe foolish is a better word) and splattered black ink after I had stitched than added light embellishments........

Happy Monday everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!!

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