Tuesday, December 18, 2007

28 Degrees

I have been complaining about the 80 degree whether here for a couple of weeks now. I guess I whined loud enough. I woke up to this this morning. AAAAAAAAAA (happy Opra voice, woke the kids up). Just beautiful. Now, I can watch the turtles and the winter scene when I should be working!

Ok, so back to work. This is what I am working on for one of my classes this year. I must say, I am totally in love with the new Urban Lily! It is so beautiful. I believe that I have used it in 3 different projects already. That is a record for me, I usually only buy one sheet of each paper in a line, but I have like 5 of each of these already. I've only done that with BG. Anywho, I wanted to do a paper bag album (yes that is what this is but you can only see the cover sheet. Between the covers there is ribbon, stickles, pockets, staples, distressing, ...........) that I could use to record all of the ways I am going to push myself in 2008. So I designed this. It has 16 pages, one for each month of the year (2 for Jan and Dec) and two extras - because a girl has to have options - and 4 pocket pages. I plan to have space for listing everything that I want to do and then once I've done it, a photo and a little paragraph for me to write about it. It's coming along nicely and I am excited about presenting it as a class, we scrappers only talk about ourselves in our blogs, not our pages!

Next on my list is this tin that I found at M's. It is so gorgeous.

But the real reason that I bought it is because it opens up into 3 compartments!

I found these little wooden circles that fit perfectly and I am going to cover them with Patterned Paper, like you would chipboard, then make little round mini albums with them. One for each compartment. I will be sure to post pics when I'm done.

And last but not least, maybe I should have done this first, hmmm....... The GRAND OPENING of the Gifted Memories website is only 2 days away! I can't believe that it is coming so fast! I have been loading the store with page kits and clear albums and useful tools and inks and stickles and tins and board books and.............too much great stuff for me to mention it all here and I am so excited to have you all (yall) visit. Here is the 4th item that I will be giving away to a lucky scrapper

A Cropadile! I know that there are some folks that don't have this yet so come on in and get one! They are truly one of the greatest tools since the paper trimmer. All you have to do is to be the 4th person to purchase merchandise between 11 and 12 and it's yours. You can win something great on your lunch break. See you on Thursday. Have a wonderful Tuesday. Shere

P.S. Notice the improvement in photo quality, I have been practicing and visiting some of the fabulous blogs out there that have so much free advice! THX


tmac96 said...

Good luck with the opening! Wish I could go -- it sounds like fun. I think the Cropadile is a GREAT giveaway! I'm asking for one for Christmas. ***fingers crossed*** :-)

scrappinshawnni said...

HI there thank you for the post on my blog! Glad to see someone else is challenging themselves as well!

The grand opening sounds wonderful I wish I could come too!

Keep me posted!