Friday, December 7, 2007

First Entry

Ok, so this is my first blog post and to be honest, I am not quite sure how this works. I see blogs out there that are fabulous and creative and I stand in awe! Where I want to go with my blog is just a place for all things "Gifted Memories" my new business, my new baby. Hopefully my other babies "aka" my family will come to accept that I no longer have time to fold their socks, cook gourmet meals (we are reduced to baked chicken, beef, burgers, etc/rice/and a very quick to cook vegetable course i.e. salad), or wait on them hand and foot. Just kidding. With the exception of the gourmet cooking, I never really did those things anyway, but we did spend a ton more time together and the focus of all of my conversations was not "I wonder if this project......... " lol. I love how my business is coming together and I want to share that excitement with everyone I meet. I met a few (hundred) incredible ladies at the Memories Scrapbook Expo in November and can't wait to meet hundreds more at the 11 (yes I said 11) conventions that I plan to teach and vend at next year. So here goes, enjoy................

Here are the pictures of the Disney album that I promised the ladies from The Pink House in Charleston, SC. I taught a class there on Saturday that was a blast. You ladies were the best!


Mom.M. said...

I am one of the "hundreds" of ladies you met in Orlando at the November convention.
I love your Disney album, and look forward to your website "Grand Opening" soon.
Thanks for dropping a line. I will forward to my other scrapping friends too.

Roseland, Florida

Shere said...

Hi Muriel, thanks so much. I emphasized the hundreds because I have never seen so many scrapaholics in one place. It was great! Thanks for the message and thanks for forwarding. Have a great week. Shere

Debby said...

Hello fellow SC resident. I'm in the Columbia area. I found you through Google when I was trying to find out something about the event coming to Columbia. Can you tell me more or lead me to a website that gives me more information? Nice blog and and really like your "snowflake." Best wishes on you business and may it be fruitful in 2008!