Saturday, April 18, 2009

Alone Again

Sigh. CJ's flight just left. I miss him already. So glad that we will be moving there soon and won't have to do this anymore. In a way it really has made us talk more. Since we can't interact face to face, we actually have to talk to each other instead of relying on body language or facial expressions to get our points across. We actually argue/bicker a lot less because we have precious little time together. It is kind of funny to be nervous around him when he comes home and he doesn't get it. We've been together for almost 13 years and he doesn't see why I am not completely comfortable with him no matter how long he is away. I haven't quite figured it out myself but am glad that we have a few butterflies fluttering around after all this time.

I love this photo of the JFK's crew. I am in that sea of people somewhere with a red shirt on. It seemed like utter chaos when we were doing it so imagine my shock when I got the picture. This was taken in Boston Harbor in 2007. It is a historic photo because this was the last time that the Kennedy would ever visit Boston or anywhere else for that matter. All of the Kennedy family and so many politicians, etc came on board that weekend. Boston was lovely and I am definitely planning on taking the family there soon.

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