Thursday, April 30, 2009


I am so jealous when I see people that have nice, juicy veins. When I first started with the regular check-ups and physicals and such, I had no idea that I was in a special category. No idea that torture was to be had every time I had to have blood work done. No idea that I would come to secretly love the techs that could get my blood with just one stick. I now know that I am special and I truly dread having to have labwork done. My veins are the stuff that cause newbies nightmares (and guess who gets stuck doing most of the sticking? Yep newbies most of the time) I almost always have to get stuck more than once (3 is the average) and almost always by more than one person. Mrs. Brown (she is the sweetest lady and has a voice and demeanor that is pure honey) always gets me on the first try. Always! I sure did miss her today. 2 sticks and than they had to get it from the side of my arm. Hurts like heck and leaves a very ugly 2 wk bruise. Oy.

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