Sunday, April 19, 2009

It Has Been One Lazy Sunday

And me and the kids are loving it. As it moves closer to June, the reality of moving is really sinking in. We are getting more and more showings on the house and I am really feeling that God is with me and that things are going change very drastically and very quickly.

What I am doing right now......
  • drinking a cup of coffee
  • trying to convince my very naky son that putting his hands in front of his private bits does not make him any less naky and that if he wants to let me know that his water is too hot, he really should put on his bath robe. It is seriously hanging right on the door next to his head and his water being too hot is not the end of the world and not something that I have to come fix for him.
  • looking at the goodies that I broke down and bought Saturday
  • Feeling very, very blessed!

Thanks for stopping by and blog you later!!!!!!

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