Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am finally making some progress. Finally getting a solid direction. Finally feeling as if I am accomplishing something during the day and making headway. False sense of security? Maybe, but I sure hope it sticks around.

Finally nailed down a moving date. June 8 will be pack day #1 and June 9 will be pack day #2. Thank goodness the military moves your stuff for you. Otherwise, we would not be moving. I dread packing and lifting boxes, dread it! We are excited to be moving to a new, unknown place but will sure miss this place. This home, this neighborhood, this school district has been a perfect fit for us. We have truly enjoyed the blessing that God rained on us here. I know that he has better in store for us so I am looking forward to moving on.

A layout for pencil lines. My sister ran track in high school. That is kind of an understatement. She was a track superstar and was always in the paper. She was known statewide and when we would go to meets, people would talk to us about how great she was. My dad was bursting and would grin from ear to ear (he spoils her rotten, even now. He calls her & my other little sister his babies. They are 25 & 26 yo now and all they have to do is say daddy and there it is. To give him credit for being the best dad ever, he does that for all of us! I digress, back to the lo). The title is actually one that I had done for a class over a year ago. How perfect is that? The stars were punched with a mini-punch, backed with cs and stickled. I made the border under the photos from punched circles.

Thanks for stopping by and blog ya later!

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ronee said...

sometimes it all starts with just a date!
good luck!