Monday, August 8, 2016

A favorite Scrapper

Since this week is the week of "A", I have to talk about Ali Edwards.  Her style has evolved over the years but it has not morphed into something unrecognizable.  She still creates with lots of breathing room, her photos and her stories are always at the forefront of the pages she creates and she does magic with words.  With truths.  She puts so much of herself out there but somehow she never crosses the line into over sharing.  I truly love how open and honest she is and if I had to sum her up in one little word (see what I did there:)) it would be "true".  

A lesser known scrapbooker than AliE whose work is smashing is Amy Mallory.  She doesn't post much on her blog (no updates since Nov 2015) but pinterest is full of her lovely pages.  I find her interesting because she does a mix of digital and traditional and both her styles are beautiful.  Thanks for the inspiration Amy!

Every now and then, a layout just speaks to me.  It comes together effortlessly and looks exactly how I pictured it in my head.  This layout is that for me.  

There was no scraplifting, class or sketch involved in the making of this layout.  It is 100% me loving a piece of patterned paper and just going with the flow.  I just told a lie:)  I did see a page by Amy Mallory that sparked the idea of flowing the circles across the page. Her page had hexagons in a vertical column (the page is "Red Sox Love" from CK magazine)

The vacation whose pictures would not go away:).    That's what i'm starting to feel but in a good way.  I have found myself scrapping some of the photos from this trip multiple times AND printing them to frame for my walls.  Happy, happy, joy, joy is the feeling that these pictures evoke!

The layout is surprise, surprise - a scraplift of a page called "Dude" by Stephanie Stanton from CK magazine.  Loving the "arrow" strips!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a great Thursday...

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