Monday, August 8, 2016

Sorry (I Ain't Sorry)

Driving back from SC with my daughter gave me a lot of time & opportunity to listen to Beyonce's new album.  My girl loves everything B!  While it is a little too too for my taste, a couple of songs really were nice and for real, today, this song is just perfect for the mood I'm in.  

Sometimes life makes you apologetic.  I can freely admit that and I often feel that I need to say "sorry" for things that there is no need to be sorry for.  Like taking too long to get to the door at the post office when someone holds it open for me (even though they opened it as soon as my car stopped running).  Or for the opinions that I hold and strongly believe in (don't ask if you don't want to know my truth).  Or for eating the last cookie in the pack (who really feels sorry for doing that!?).  I can think of a million different things that would go quite nicely in this paragraph but the bottom line is that today, I am not going to be sorry for anything at all!  I am going to live my life this week and hopefully every week without looking back at what I should, could or would say, feel or do.  

Does this mean that I am going to turn into a huge jerkface?  No my ingrained southern politeness will never let that happen but I will turn a lot of my "sorries" into simple thank you's or no thank you's.  So here we go, I'm doing it!  

Next up - Creating with intention.  Hmmmm that's a tough one.  The question that I have been asking myself is this:  When I sit down to create, where am I going with it? What is my intention for pulling out paper, thread, paint or clay?  This seems a very good Monday morning question right?  I think that lately I have been creating to get to the end. To use up the things that I've accumulated over the years so that it doesn't seem as if my time and money have been wasted.  I know, I know.  Scrapbooks are all about saving the memories and history of our families for future generations blah, blah, blah.  That is not my reality.  When I move on to the big LSS in the sky, my kids will cherry pick the pages in my albums and only keep about 10% of what I have created.  Keeping it real.  And keeping it short until my head really wraps around the question.  Maybe by Friday but until then how about some layouts. 

The first page that I'm sharing today is from Christmas 2011 (hard to believe that it has been 5 years since we took these photos!).  I decided to go with a simpler Christmas theme with toned down colors and not a lot of embellishment.  But man oh man, the paper is so, so pretty!  And the non-traditional color scheme makes me happy too.  I don't know if you noticed that the photo next to the title runs off the page but that was a total accident.  This page is a sort of a review page and I wanted to use the photo of all of us together to "sum" up the week.  It was too big!  Arrrggggghhhhh!@#%($%  I had created the page without photos in front of me with the intention of sizing the photos to fit the mats. 

The photo would not size down!  I really liked the page as it was so I decided to just go with it and place a white mat around the picture and let it hang off the page.  Happy enough with it and it is going into the album.

The next page was from my stash kit.  Holy Moly is it colorful!!  I should have done a before photo/after photo shot of this:)  I scraplifted the design from the March/April 2012 CK Issue.  The page is "Give Me A Book" by Kim Watson.  I really loved how she used the rolled flowers and sprinkled her embellishments in a diagonal down the page.  Of course I didn't have the patience to do this but I loved it on her page:)

Really happy with how it came out and the design goes really well with how casual my photo is.  Loving that pop of yellow title!

That's it for me folks!  Thanks for stopping by and have a happy, happy Monday:)

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