Monday, August 15, 2016

The ABC's of Scrapbooking

When you have been scrapbooking for as long as I have, you tend to have tried it all.  This weeks and for the next 26 weeks, I think that I am going to recap my scrapbook history from A to Z.  Just to see how much of it all I have really done & seen:).  

Last week, I worked with the letter "A".  Techniques, products, blogs, retailers and tools. As much stuff that I could think of that started with the letter A.  Surprisingly, my list was short, short, short!  Especially when it came to techniques.  I seriously drew a blank and struggled to come up with more than what is detailed below for the letter A.  Even Google couldn't help me lol.  

Scrapbookers - Ali Edwards & Amy Mallory.  One very well known and the other not so much.  Both extremely talented.  

Techniques - Aluminum Foil Forged Metal Embellishments.  I'm going to try my hand at this and see what I come up with.

Products - Back to the basics here with 2 products that no scrapbooker can live without. Adhesive & Albums.  Over the years I have tried them all.  Well, most all of them and only a few are still with me.  For albums I use the D-ring Binder style for my pages and have replaced all of my other type albums with these.  We R Memory Keepers is my absolute favorite brand.  They can sometimes be hard to find at a good price but the albums are so well made that I will often just by them regardless of whether they are on sale or not.  My adhesives have been whittled down to about 6.  No matter how hard I try, I can't find an adhesive that works for everything I do.  What's a girl going to do?

  • Tombow Mono-Multi - Holds well and smells great
  • Scotch ATG - I have the gold and hope it never dies on me!  
  • Tombow Permanent Runner - They hold well and last a good amount of time.  Love the stick and the ease of replacing the glue tape (unlike my ATG:( which I still struggle with every. single. time)
  • Glue Dots - They are my jam when it comes to adhering small stuff.  Buttons, enamel dots, thickers, ribbon, ribbon bows, chipboard.......
  • Aleene's - I prefer the thick & tacky (purple bottle) as it does not warp my paper as much.  When I am making a mini and want the pages to last forever and ever, this is the stuff!  It would take an act of Congress to get stuff unstuck and you know how hard those are to come by!  Do yourself a favor and store it upside down!! My hand is cramping just thinking about the reason why:).
  • American Crafts Foam Dots - I haven't tried the rebranded sticky thumb ones but the old ones are amazing!!  AC Moore was clearancing them out last year and I bought every single one I could find.  It'll be awhile before they are all used up.  
Manufacturer - American Crafts.  Wow.  To see how far they have come is astounding. This company pretty much owns the scrapbooking industry today.  Many of my favorite brands fall under the large umbrella that AC holds up.  Check out their website here.  Be prepared to stay awhile.  Don't say you weren't warned.

Tools -  The only tool that I could come up with was Adhesive.  See list above:)

Shopping - AC Moore.  Especially for adhesive and paper pads.  

Blogs - Andrea Bethke and Ashley Horton.  Pure eye candy can be found on their regularly updated blogs....

YouTubers - AuntRecReates.  She has a lot of content on her channel and she does tons of stash videos.  

As far as creating goes, I do have a couple of layouts to share today.  Both were created using sketches.  First up is this one featuring my daughter and my niece when they were little.  They are both in there mid twenties now.  How time flies!  It's a terrible photo of them that has faded over the years. It's out of focus so badly that you can't even see their facial features!!  Thank goodness I have gotten better with photography over the years.  

The sketch for this page is this one from pagemaps.....

The next page is based on a sketch from Studio Calico.  

My youngest loves to read and some of the book series that he started when he was a little guy still bring him so, so much joy.  He loves words like I do and started reading adult books in elementary school.  We give him pretty much carte blanche on what he reads....

That's about it for me today.  A mega post with very few photos but lots of links.  I hope you enjoy clicking through them!  

Thanks for stopping by and happy Monday.  Have a great week everyone!

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