Monday, August 1, 2016

Crazy Town

It's crazy to think that the start of the school year is right around the corner!  It seems as if the year has just started but it is really more than halfway gone.  Geez, Father Time if your reading this blog, please slow it down just a little...

My family and I just wrapped up a mini vacation in SC.  Love my peeps!  Spending time with them is pure joy:)  Thrifting with my Dad, swim meets with my nieces & nephew. They rocked the pool, winning several heats each!  Touring houses with my sister.  They would really love for us to move back to South Carolina but man it was sooooo hot!  90+ degrees everyday.  I am 100% positive that they don't miss my complaining about the heat.  It was a blissful 77 degrees when we rolled back into MD.  

I have barely created anything at all for the last few months.  All of the plans and kits that I had in place just fell by the wayside to make room for travel and visits.  It has been so, so busy around here that I've barely had time to breathe much less scrapbook.  

I did manage to get some stuff done this weekend after we got back from Philly and I will be posting the pages throughout the week.  I've also started on a new explosion album that should be completed by the end of this week or so.  

The design for this page came from this pagemaps sketch.

The page and the sketch don't really have much in common but the sketch was a great starting point for this layout.  Once I got my basics figured out I was able to think about and focus on the design itself.  The doilies were moved around and brought in closer to the photo and the number of photos was reduced to 1 big one instead of 9 small ones.   Increasing the size of the photos just added some more interest.  The two clusters surrounding the photo helped to make the design even more my own style and less like a generic sketch.   These kids will play from sun-up to sun-down!  It doesn't matter what kind of game either (nerf war, tag, monopoly, cards, minecraft, etc, etc, etc) they love them all!  I love how well they get along and that arguments and disagreements are rare and quickly resolved.  

The next page was straight from my head and really, really simple.  I just wanted to use a cut file:)  My son took this photo of DC as our plane was landing and it reminded me of how this city has really felt like home for us more than any other place we have lived.  Had to scrap about it....

Not my favorite layout but it will go into the album!  

That's it for me folks.  Thanks for stopping by...

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