Friday, August 19, 2016


Organizing and reorganizing my craft space.  Somehow it never feels "right" and I am okay with changing things to make it work for what I need and for what I want it to be.

Creating a lot but only happy with a small portion of the finished projects.  

Traveling a lot.

Kind of tired which can explain my lack of love for my pages.  As lovely as traveling is, it is exhausting!  The older I get the longer it takes me to recover.  

Everyday I am getting 2 pages done.  Lately I've been prepping 2 pages for the next day before leaving my space.  For some reason having the basic layout done really helps me to get in the mood to scrap.  I cut my papers down, choose embellishments and put everything where it is going to go on the page than walk away.  When I come back to it in the morning the ideas start flowing because all of the "work" is done.  

This page about my brother and my nephew did not come together easy!  I loved the papers, colors and those big hearts but didn't know where to go with the page after that. I ended up just calling it done even though it still looks incomplete to my eye.

On the other hand this page had the ideas coming as fast as I could get them done.  Every time I was ready to move on I thought of something else I could do lol.  Paint dots, spatters, pop-dots, paper piecing, sewing and inking all happened here:)  Me and my baby sis looking happy to be together as always.  She is coming to visit in September and will be here for a whole week!  

Can you believe that it's Friday?  Have a super fun and safe weekend everyone!  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week to continue with the ABC's....

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