Friday, August 5, 2016

Thrifting Has My Heart

And my wallet:)  But man oh man do I find some good stuff when I go.  Both to sell in my eBay store and to decorate my house with.  We decided that while some of our stuff would be purchased new, we want a lot of it to be old and to have some history to it.  Mostly i've been purchasing paintings, prints and nic-nacs but we are also planning on buying some larger furniture pieces too.  

The quality of the furniture that can be found at estate and yard sales is just phenomenal and it is always a surprise to see what people are willing to get rid of.  Some of this stuff looks as if has never been used.  Granted, the styles can be very outdated but there are still plenty of classics that never go out of style to be had.  We have been going to the movies more these last few months thanks to the release of several insanely interesting looking films.  

    • Finding Dori - not nearly as good as Finding Nemo but watchable.
    • Star Trek - No words for how good this was for me:)
    • Ghostbusters - I laughed all the way through it!
    • Independance Day - Wow, I really loved seeing how they tied the old storyline together with the new storyline into a neat little wrapped box.  Really fresh and interesting with very few dead spots.
I have really been enjoying this last week of "nothing to do".  It has been bliss!!  Our little family is starting to get mentally prepared for the next school year and taking care of the chores that come with going back to school for the very last time.  Our last little birdie will be flying the nest and heading off to college next year.  

College visits are a ton of work!  Just sayin....

On the creative front, I'm baaaacccckkk.  Yes!  Feels so good to have some paper in my hands and glue on my fingers lol.  I used sketches for both of the pages that i'm sharing today.  Sketch 1.....

Layout 1...

The photos of me and my oldest daughter struck me bc we have pretty much the same expression on our faces in both.  They highlight how much alike we are in a lot of ways but still so entirely different at the same time.  

Sketch 2.....

Layout 2....

I have been seriously hoarding the paper in the page above for several years.  It is absolutely beautiful!  The photos can't do it any justice at all and it was perfect for this photo that my husband snapped on our cruise in 2013.  I kept it really, really simple.  Although I tried to add layers and more stuff, nothing fit so i ended up taking it off.  Love this page!  

Thanks for stopping by!  We finally made it to Friday!! I will have the weekend to myself to spend as I please.  Thinking that I will scrap and complete 200 layouts but in reality I'll probably end up reading, napping and cross-stitching the entire time:)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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