Friday, September 30, 2016

1 Photo Scrapbook Layouts

The consensus seems to be mixed on whether a complete story can be told when using only 1 photograph to document it.  I am on the yes side of the pond.  Not only can the story be told, but it can be made more in depth when a single picture is used to represent the entire tale.  For me, using one picture forces me to be more detailed.  I may know exactly why the photo tells the story but someone just looking at the scrapbook page may not.  For example, in the layout below the photo is just a photo of my daughter.  A nice photo but why is it special enough to be enlarged, printed and than have a whole story told about it?  

Those are the questions that have to be answered in the title, the embellishments and most importantly in the journaling.  

 The biggest reason that I normally choose to use only one photo is availability.  Often I only have one photo to work with.  I'm a terrible photographer!  If I take 10 photos chances are only one will be good enough to scrap.  If we are at an event and want to have a good time sometimes no photos get taken or a couple at the beginning and none after that.  Availability is a big deal:)  Even though I didn't take the photo in the page below, it is the perfect example of only one being available.  

We did take hundreds of photo booth photos that night but they are all very, very different and each seems to be able to tell a micro story about what was happening. 

There is no in-depth story to be told here but I love this photo and really want it to shine.  The title and embellishments along with a short blurb to name who, what, when, where & why.  

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a great weekend!

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