Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Favorite Podcast

How many podcast do you listen to a day?  I listen to 3 and they are all scrapbook related. 
  1.  The Scrapgals
  2. Live Inspired and
  3. Paperclipping Roundtable
Not quite sure why I love to listen to these people chew the fat.  I don't even know them and probably will never them IRL but I enjoy your chatter and will often "talk" back to them:)  I also find that I am much more able to focus on my crafty stuff during a podcast much better than I am when watching a TV show.  It also helps me keep track of the time. Something that there is not much of these days.  

During a 1 hour show, I can get at least one layout completely finished and a 2nd one prepped.  Which is what happened with the pages below.  There is rarely a time when I have a whole day of time to devote to crafting outside of the weekends.  Even on Saturdays and Sundays there are commitments that can't be put off.  Football season is coming up and I am looking waaay forward to it and snowy, cold days.  I actually had to turn my heater on last night!  

This page was made using this pin from my board.  The page is from Studio Calico but I am not sure who made it.  I just love the design but went in a completely different direction.  
My pretty little niece a few years ago...

I adore how this page came out and can't wait till she sees it.  The kids like looking at their pages when they visit...

This one with the absolute terrible photo that I love anyway.  The kids were watching a show at Disney and it looks like they were enjoying it:)

Loving using brand new stuff with really old stuff.  The AC brads in the lower right corner are brand new but the Trick or Treat title is really old K&Co.  They go well together don't you think?

Thanks for dropping in.  If you have a favorite podcast to share, I would love to hear about it in the comments!  

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