Monday, September 19, 2016

I Threw Away Some Pages...

I threw them straight into the trash.  There have got to be some questions being yelled at the screen right now!  Why?  How did you let them go?  Why?  To name just a few of the questions that I think you are screaming right now.  It really wasn't an easy decision and I had held onto the pages for waaaay longer than I should have before just biting the bullet and tossing them.  I don't miss them at all.  As a matter of fact, it is a relief to not have to look at them when I go through my albums. What was my criteria you might be asking.  It was all of this:
  • I hated the pages.
  • They did not tell a story.
  • The photos were terrible.
  • I had rescrapped the photos already and on a much better page with a much clearer story.
  • I hated the pages!  They were not me at all.  
Will I do it again in the future?  Who knows.  I wish that I had taken photos of the pages but I didn't so you are going to have to trust me when I say that you would have done the same thing;)

While the layouts that were tossed (maybe 20 or so) did not give me any pleasure, these 2 pages sure do.  They are everything that I want my pages to be.  

  • They tell stories that are important to me & my family.  
  • The colors are so classically me.
  • I love the page design and feel that it is classic to me as well and will not go out of style for me.
  • The pictures tell the story so I don't have to use a lot of words to say why the photos are important.
  • The photos are clear and bright.  Not perfect, just attractive to me:).
My Dad is a really, really good Dad.  He has a special, individual relationship with each of his kids and always goes out of his way to let us know how much he loves us.  This is him with my youngest sister.  Whenever he sees her, he will yell out "my baby" and just love and hug on her.  Just like this.  Honestly, he greets all of us that way but when this photo was snapped they had just met up in the parking lot for the first time that day (we were on family vacation).  

The page is a scraplift from Creating Keepsakes March/April 2013 page 82.  Kim Watson was the designer and the page was called "Skater".  My page looks nothing like hers which is okay.  I liked how she had opposing photos and that is what I went with.

My next page has a photo from that same vacation.  It is about this fantastic, favorite of all time mug that I found in the animal kingdom...

My daughter snapped the pic and yes I was super excited about a mug that looks like the tree of life:)  I based the page on this sketch from March's PageMaps...

Thanks for stopping by everyone and happy Monday!  Hope you had a great one!!

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