Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thickers Have My Heart.

They may not stick worth a crap most of the time and they may only have 2 e's and 4 a's in per package of 500 but I would not give them up for all the tea in China.  The idea of having to bust out my silhouette or vagabond to cut every single title gives me cramps.  

So whenever I feel like pouring me a glass of haterade and toasting AC Thickers with it, I will come and look at this post.   

Thanks for sharing my angst.  


P.S.  To show my dedication to you AC Thickers I made these 2 pages using some of my favorite fonts...

The above layout is a pretty straightforward lift of this page by yevascrapbook.  I loved her design and stuck to it closely.  The only thing that I did different was that I placed the z's in color order.

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