Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sometimes Black & White Really Pops

I promise it's true.  Just take a look at the pages below.  They are really able to hold their own and stand-out against their backgrounds.  The photobooth photo came black & white but the other was converted in photoshop.  

My inspiration for the photo booth page came from the March/April 2013 issue of CK magazine.  "The Running Child" by Amy Martin was the perfect inspiration for the photo because I knew that I wanted to do a lot of background work & embellishment clusters. 

 I only had the one photo of them and it had a lot of white space.  Some of the letters are popped up (R,A,Y) and others are flat on the photo.  There are lots of layers, torn edges and extras on this page to help direct the focus to the tiny little boys.  

My youngest sister is an amazing mom.  I've probably mentioned that a couple of hundred times before but watching her with her children is beautiful.  My daughter snapped the photo below while they were at the park in NYC.  I used a youtube tutorial by Kelly Barron as my inspiration and followed it pretty closely.  

Even though the page is colorful and the color photo would have worked, it did not have the impact that the black & white one has.  The color photo blended into the background and all I could see when I looked at the page was how pretty it was.  I want to focus on how amazing the photo is than look at how pretty the layout is:)

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