Monday, September 26, 2016

Don't Touch My Stuff

I know that I am not the only crafter out there that is a little possessive (okay a lot possessive) about my things.  I will give you the shirt off my back and the shoes off my feet but please don't ask to use my fabric scissors to trim the long edges off your paper.  Don't ask me to share the last roll of my atg before I get my new order in and for the love of cheese, don't even look at using my copic markers for your science project.  That is all.

Except for the 2 pages that I want to share.  Both feature "vintage" photos that are from our pre-digital days.  Which translates into "bad" pictures that are loved nonetheless.  

My niece loves animals.  Loves them.  So this photo of her, besides being amazing because of the gorilla, reminds me of how happy and smiley she was all day long.  

This page documents the first time my daughter bamboozled us into going to DC Cupcakes.  Yeah.  We waited in line for like 45 minutes to pay 45 dollars for a box of those things!  They were worth it and we have been back many times since:)

That is all for reals:)

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