Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gardening Time

Me and the boys are going to be working in the yard.  Not putting in plants in for a couple more weeks but we are going to dig up a couple of beds and clean up some weeds (not those kinds of weeds lol) but the kind that won't let my husband have a decent vege bed.  I guess we'll take a trip to Lowe's sometime this weekend.  I was one of my neighbors out working on his beds and plan to casually walk by and see what he is doing next time.  I cut a bunch of daffodils and put them in the house to brighten up the joint.  They smell so good!  I had put in all deep yellow ones but Q decided to give me a hand while at was at school yesterday and he put in a few extra.  I can only imagine what the plant that he took these from looks like right now.  Next year I hope to have tulips, hydrangea and all sorts of beautys in my collection of milk glass vases. 

I have about 50 million 1/2 used packs of alphas.  Normally, once I use all of the a's or e's I can't get enough out of the rest of the letters to make the words I want and I hate mixing the fonts too much on my layouts.  I am a same type letter gal for the most part.  My lo's look too wonky to me when I use more than one type alpha for my titles.  So I have been thinking on ways that I could use up the rest of my alphas and here are a couple of the ideas that I came up with. 
  • use them on a photo mat
  • use them as a border
here are 2 layouts that I made like that.....

  • use them as a framed monogram accent on a photo (loved this but don't have a pic of it)
  • use them on cards

I used leftover rub-ons, paper, ribbon and stickers on this card and I loved how it turned out!
and then I ran out of ideas.  I tried to come up with at least ten but the old sponge just couldn't do it.  So if you have any suggestions, feel free to share (and thanks in advance, your creative and great!). 

Pictureless layouts (I even journaled on one and still did not put any pictures on it).  Can't figure out what my prob is here although ink is expensive.  I actually saw a post on two peas about this and am so glad to know that I am not the only lost soul who does this.  Although it seemed that most of the ladies that posted that they did this were sb instructors, designers or ladies who took a bunch of classes.  Interesting post all the same. 

Wise advice that I want to pass to my kids.  I hope that they find happiness everyday instead of waiting for their lives to be perfect.  I wasted a lot of years waiting for the right this or that in order to be satisfied.  I want to put a small individual photo of each of them on top of a large photo of the three of them together. 

My favorite page of all time!  Have no idea the pics but I love the page so much that I am going to take photos especially for it.  Another one for my kids.  I want them to know that I am so in love with them.  They make not only my day, but my life. 

This one is made of all of cardstock!  No patterned paper was harmed to make it.  I hand painted the flowers with glimmer mist and acrylic paint than outlined them with markers & gel pens, than cut them out and shaped them (sorry about all the thans, just excited about this concept).  Love how it turned out!

The cutest card I have ever, ever made!  I even used die cuts on the envelope for the to address.  Going to send this to my nephew Carlos bc I know he will love it. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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buttel4him said...

LOVE the don't wait l/o. Shere try using one of those on line photo places like shutterfly. I always print my own photos as well but shutterfly sent me a coupon for 75 free prints. I love having a stack of photos ready to go, no need to waste precious time editing and printing.I wont do it all the time,but who can pass up a deal like that.-ginger