Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What a Great Weekend

We went here
I actually got to see one of the torpedoes that I used to work on while I was here and was able to tell my hubby a little history about them.  That was buck but the sub was small so we left and went here

and here

holy cow folks, this is the largest B&N that I have ever seen!  And I have seen a lot of them.  It is like 4 stories has an indoor and outdoor cafe and 2 coffee bars.  The little guy and I could have stayed there for 1 full day and been as happy as ticks on a fat dog but the hubby was having none of it so we went here

Those mantas there were as big as a baby elephant.  Q and I spent a good half hour trying to get decent pictures of them.  Man were we tired from all the walking so we left and went to my very favorite restaraunt and had an amazing lunch/dinner.  If you have a chance to go, I highly, highly recommend the red velvet cheesecake.  Yum.

I have to edit the photos that I took of us (ha ha, I said edit)  but will be posting them especially for the girl sometime this week. 

The weather was perfect and Baltimore Harbor was packed with street performers, wall to wall people, dogs with their owners and runners.  There are a ton of runners here.  We enjoyed and will definitely be going back.  Although next time I will make sure I take my own pillows!  The hotels were down and man am I paying for it now.  Off to pop a couple of Benedryl. 

Thanks for stopping by and have an incredible week!

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