Thursday, March 11, 2010

Uncle Sam is SO NOT my Favorite Uncle at the Moment!

AAAAGGGGGHHHH.  Is all I have to say after spending months on an issue with my least favorite uncle.  Are you serious?  Could this be any more frustrating?  Yes it could so I will just accept the blessing that it is not and say a prayer of thanksgiving that it will eventually be resolved and things will run smoothly after that.  Right?  Right. 

Anywho on the other shoe, school is going very fine.  Very fine indeed.  Despite the fact that I am surrounded by chattering 18-20 yos, I love it and am doing very well.  The old bowl of jello still has all its flavor.  Yes indeed.  No loss of wrinkles in my brain no matter what my hubby says.

On to better subjects than my frustrations.  I know that I am going to look back on the post I have made these past few days and wonder why in the heck I was having such a bad week.  Which is so not the case, I am have a series of fortunately good weeks that happen to have a few bad moments (disclaimer).  That being said, I will move on.  On to some awesome blog action today.  Hello, I visit about a hundred blogs a day (why the heck do you think I don't update my own? just sayin) but today was a good day to visit blogs. 

First American Crafts stunned me with a gorgeous layout that I can't wait to scraplift by Piradee Talvanna using these products (how cute is that butterfly paper?)

And than Melissa Phillips does another page that I am totally going to scaplift for my niece and she leaves a really simple recipe for homemade Oreo Cookies that I am also going to lift for me and the little guy to make. 

On to Pinefeather who did a tutorial on the cutest simple card!  I can't wait to try it and you know mine will have a drawerful of crap on it and so not look like hers when I am done.  I am also going to go and buy myself a cuttlebug this weekend.  I have been holding out long enough.  I know that as soon as I buy it, a new machine is going to come out that is better but I won't be able to get it bc I just bought this one and .....oh sorry, having a baby bug flashback.  My bad.

Ok, mini albums are my thing and I love to make them but this one by Katie Watson on the Maya Road DT blog is the bees knees.  OMGoodness you have to see it.  

If I ever made a card for my mother that was as beautiful as this one that Ingvilde Bolme made for hers, she would move in with me and cook me dinner every night for a year.  Seriously. 

Ok, I am supposed to be working on a science project idea so that when I call my science partner we have something to discuss but I have no idea where to start.  Hello, science is my worst subject second only to math!  Geez. 

Thanks for stopping by and have an incredibly good day!

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