Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Am I Doing Today

My to do list for today.....
  • Clean - hubby is coming home for 1 stinkin day and I want the house to be clean & fresh smelling.  I love to come home to a clean house after a trip and I want to give him the same courtesy.
  • Schoolwork - huge, huge list of test to study for, projects to complete and homework assignments.  Sigh
  • Laundry - to include the huge basketful of socks that need to be sorted
  • Submissions - I am working on several submissions and have to take photos to put on the pages, take good photos of the projects and get them all uploaded with my information
  • Summer Scrapbook Shows - I am applying for several shows this summer and there is so much planning to do.  Booth design, kit designs, class designs, product orders, travel plans & reservations
  • Vacation reservations - Disney or cruise?
  • Bills - my personal favorite
  • Menu for next week
  • Q's Summer activities - he wants to take karate, play soccer, start learning Japanese (yes, he asked for this), science camp, art classes and he wants to start piano lessons this year
  • A's Graduation stuff - lots of fam coming to town so reservations, invitations, ordering cap & gown, etc
  • File - I open my mail only when I have to so I always have a pile that looks like this

  • Unfinished projects
  • Develop new projects to add to the unfinished projects list
  • Rearrange my craft room
  • Family phone calls - I like to talk to at least one of my sibs & my parents daily so I try to make a couple of calls every day of the week.  Weird I know but it works for us bc no one can get information without sharing it with someone else.  So if I get good news from Aggie on Monday, I can talk to Janeen about it on Tuesday and Teen will call me on Wednesday etc. 
  • Workout - can someone invent a workout pill?  Please?  You take the pill and it is like doing a 30 minute run.  Take 2 pills and you've done a thirty minute run, 30 push ups, 50 sit ups and 250 crunches. 
Here are a couple of my favorite pics from our Baltimore trip. 

I took most of them, but Q took the one of that interesting looking fish. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fantastic Thursday. 

P.S. If you like to make handmade flowers, stop by and visit lollychops, she is doing tutorials all this week and they are fantastic!

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