Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Somebody is Going to Get a Black Eye

And since it is illegal to give them to your kids, I guess it is going to be me!  That little boy is acting like a complete butthole today and I swear if he doesn't stop, it is going to get ugly!!!!  Mommy time out (at the scrapbook store and the boys have to fend for themselves for dinner) is fast approaching.  Why is he crying when he is ticking me off?   UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH  Oh, sorry he is not crying, he is singing which is so much more appropriate. 

He informed me that he is having a bad day because he only had crackers and a sunny d for lunch and the lunch lady would not listen to him (and even had the nerve to insist that she was helping him) when he was trying to tell her not to call me or his dad because we were not available.  I am serious people.  I gave in his lunch check on the 1st and it is in his backpack right now.  Why did he not just tell her his check was in his backpack?  No clue. 

I am going to insist on a raise when my husband gets back!

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