Sunday, January 8, 2017

Stash Busting

It feels great to get some of the hundreds of items that I have accumulated over the years used up.  The one thing that I want to make sure that that I'm not doing is using stuff to get it used up.  I want to be happy with what I am creating.  Don't get me wrong, sometimes I create just to try out ideas and techniques and I consider those pages easy to throw away.  So far so good.  Every layout is not good to me but seeing how patterns and papers and colors work together helps me to avoid buying things that I will not use (hello acetate.  I'm talking to you!).  

Most of the pages that I have to share are experiments with new techniques and styles.  I don't love how all of the pages turned out but they are okay.  

You Are My Happy was one of the pages that is just meh for me.  Way to bold I think....

Beautiful Moments is another just meh.  I was attempting to make a striped paper using scraps and washi but it just fell flat at the end.  Most of the photos on these pages have been reprinted in a larger size to be used on another page...

Love You Forever was inspired by a video from Irit Landgraf.  She has a beautiful aesthetic and does an incredible job with her layering.  Even though she does lots of lovely layering, her layouts are still clean and bright.  It's a tough balance to for me to achieve lol.  I love this photo of my little E dude, he looks like he's up to something...

Hello Happy has a photo on it that makes me happy but the page, not so much.  There were elements about it that I want to repeat but in a different way.  

I find it incredibly hard to change the direction of a page to make it work.  Some scrappers talk about how they will work with a page that is not working for them until it gets to where they want it to be.  I've only been able to do that occasionally.  Not sure how or even if I want to fix it because I learn something each time I create a page.  We'll see what the new year brings:)  

Thanks for stopping by and have a relaxing Sunday.  We started a Lord of the Rings Marathon last night that we are going to finish today.  The movies are sooooo long!

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