Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Big Blocks of Space Scrapbook Pages

I think that one of the most effective ways of getting your photos to shine is to use large blocks of paper in the page design.  If I have an exceptionally busy photo or one big photo that I want to showcase, using large blocks can keep the design interesting but not overwhelming because you don't have all of the bits to stop and look at. 

I have to confess that the photos come last for me when I am designing a page.  I am completely driven by the products.  Pretty papers, cute embellishments, bright bold colors are the things that make me want to sit down and create.  Every now and than a photo will sneak in to pull me to my desk but not often.  

Most of the time I create the layout (yes, the title too) and then go through my photos to find one that will work.  If the colors don't match the way I want them to, I change the photo to black & white.  I know right!?  You would think that my method would be a complete scrapbook disaster and that I would never get any pages done.  Just the opposite.  Think about it.  Your favorite colors are your favorite colors and not only will you buy yours and your kids clothes in them, you'll buy your papers in them too.  Chances are that the scrapbook papers that are popular are also based on the colors that are popular in fashion and home decor.  So see, it can work.

Unlike yesterday, not all of the pages that I'm sharing today are favorites.  This one is at the top of the list mostly because of how the wood veneer was so broken that it just did not look right and was hard to color the way I wanted to.   I've also used photos of my sister at her doctrination ceremony several times so the story has mostly been told.  I will use this photo again because I really like it......  

The page was inspired by glitter girl adventure #119.   While the page is not my favorite, I do like how the 2 big pieces of the pretty paper from my January 2017 Hip Kit looked on the page.  

The floral patterned paper from the Simple Stories Reset Girl line is so perfect and beautiful!  I wanted to just frame it!!  The paper really did all of the work here and keeping it big meant that it can be enjoyed along with the photos of my daughter & my niece.....

It is truly forever Halloween in my scrapbooking space!  I have so many Halloween supplies that I will never, ever, ever use them all up.  The paper is so dark that it really could have taken away from the photo of the kids at Disney but using the big rectangle right in the middle of the page just pulled the focus straight back to the photo.  I used colored pencils to and a Zig black marker to create the journaling block...

Inspired by 2peas laura craigie storytellers "Everyday Happy" video.

Lastly I mixed it up a bit by using big triangles instead of squares or rectangles. The photo is not an over sized one so it was tricky to make sure that it didn't get lost.  I kept the colors, embellishments and patterns kind of neutral to help keep the focus on this photo of me and my hubby at the park on 4th of July.  It was super hot so we were just enjoying being near each other while we waited for the fireworks to begin.......

The page was inspired by Eva Pizarro's Halloween layout on the Pebbles blog (October 17th post).  

Thanks for stopping by everyone and happy Tuesday!

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