Wednesday, March 22, 2017


As I was browsing one of my magazines from 2002.  Wait, what?!  2002!  Yep.  2002.  And that is not even one of my oldest lol.  But I digress.  As I was browsing two things hit me.  #1 The realization that I have most of the patterned papers featured in the projects (the designers used a lot of cardstock back then so it's not as bad as it sounds) and #2 there are only 3 or 4 scrapbookers throughout the entire magazine that are still active.  I'm sure a lot of the ladies still scrapbook but where are they?  

Jamie Waters, Jennifer McGuire, Rhonna Farrer and Nichol Magouirk had quite a few pages in this particular magazine but few other names even seemed familiar.  This got me to thinking, again, about when I myself would tire of this hobby.  This is probably the 2nd or 3rd time the thought has come to me and it makes me panic a little.  I have waaaayyyy too many stories and way, waaaayyyy to much stuff to quit.  I also enjoy it a little:)  

Just sharing my food for thought today.  I would love to know what your thoughts on the subject of quitting scrapbooking are!  

I am very blessed in regards to the bond that I have with my Dad and my siblings.  Thankfully we are very close and get along extremely well.  No excuse is too small for us to use it to get together!  Every other year we take an extended family vacation and there are a lot of us!!  Last year we had a group of about 30 at Disney:)  In these photos we are in the Bahamas at Atlantis....

My mom and my youngest daughter when she graduated from college.....

My niece when she was a baby.  She wasn't to sure about us.  We were laughing, talking and holding just a little too much for her and she was over us at this point:)

I adore how these kids play together:)  I also adored putting together this page.  Do you see the A.  It looks a little strange yeh.  I completely ran out of A's in this letter pack but was not willing to use something else so I took a little thread, flipped a "V" upside down and made me an "A".  so pleased with myself right now 😎

My inspiration for today includes:
  • PLAY - Big Picture Classes - Jen Chapin - Rainbow - Lesson 1
  • Love You - Big Picture Classes - Lilith Eeckles - 30 Minute Layouts - Lesson 5

Guess what y'all?  It's HUMPDAY!  I hope you have a great one and are busy working aka planning a fantastic weekend.  The weather is expected to be super nice here so we have a list of yard chores and outdoor home maintenance projects waiting on us.  Fun Times😊

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