Monday, April 20, 2015

Creating With A Kit

does not seem to be in my lane.  I love the kit that I put together but I am not enjoying the process of creating with it.  I think I need to relax and just go with the flow and not impose so many rules on myself.  If I'm being honest, I had the same problem when I was part of a kit club.  I would get them and feel as if I had to use the stuff in the box and nothing but the box in order to be doing it right.  I'll give it another go, without the limitations, and see if it makes me any happier.  

I was able to start 3 new layouts, but none have more than just the general laying out of the pieces done.  Hopefully since they are mostly done, I will be able to finish them today. 

This layout I created about a road trip me, my husband and the little guy took to Baltimore, MD a couple of years ago.  Probably my favorite picture of the entire trip was the one of my son making the fish face at the sculpture.  It really shows the lighter side of his personality.  As he gets older, he gets more and more serious so it is nice to see him having fun and being silly.  Of course, he is much to old for stuff like that now that he is a semi adult:).

Alrighty then.  Off to see if I can create something decent with my fantastic kit.  Wish me luck and thanks for stopping by!  If you created a kit, I would love to hear how you are getting through it.

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