Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Near & Dear to My Heart

I don't know why but sometimes it seems as if some stories and the layouts that I create with them are closer to my heart than others.  Do you ever feel that way, do you know what I mean?  This layout

falls in the close to my heart category.  I had forgotten that I had this photo.  This little guy is the only one of my children that my Grandmother met as a baby and was able to hold.  She passed away several years ago so it was truly emotional for me to hold and see this photo.  I love how intent they are on one another and I wonder what it is that she is saying to him.  The moment was really brief.  In fact I didn't even remember the day.  Yeah.  That's why I scrapbook and it's why my husband takes photos. 
I actually used this sketch from Studio Calico to create this page.  I have had it in my to do pile since 2013 so was glad to finally get to use it.  As usual, my page looks nothing like the sketch:)
The next one is another photo that brought back a lost memory for me.  My two oldest when they were little.  We loved to do weekend adventures and my husband took this one of them at this park that overlooked the sea.  The picture is awful.  Truly just awful and no amount of doctoring improved it enough to make it lo worthy but, and this is a big but, it is not the photo that makes this photo special.  It is the little glimpse that it gives at the relationship these 2 kiddos had when they were little.
My daughter was so thrilled to have a "baby" and she adored him.  I love how he is leaning in to her and the smiles that they both have on their faces. 
The design on this lo was actually inspired by this digital page that I pinned.  Sigh, again looks nothing like it and I just loved that page.  About the only thing that is similar is the linear design and strips of paper beneath the photo. 
My thought on this is that inspiration can sometimes = 100% copy but it is so important to keep you in your projects.  And that's what I try to do.  I want to branch out and try new things so that everything I create does not look the same.  Same colors, same basic design, same techniques.  That's not for me.  But if I let myself be inspired by the things I see, things stay interesting.  Okay, enough of my babble. 
Thanks so much for stopping by and guess what?  It's humpday!!!!!
Have a happy one!

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