Friday, April 3, 2015

Photo Storage

So my very technical method of storing photos

is not working out.  At all.  As you can see in the photo above, my photos are getting damaged.  On top of that, who wants to look through this mess?  I sure don't which is one of the reasons that I have been putting it off for so long.  But, I finally got my rear in gear (see how I kicked that rhyme in? that's the 80's in me) and started sorting them.  I realize that I have been talking and talking about this for well over a month but seriously, we had 8 boxes that looked just like this.  Let's not even talk about how I was storing my oversized photos and portraits.  geesh. 
 This project is humming right along.  These are my last 2 boxes and I have just been grabbing a handful of photos to sort each day.  By the end of this month, I should have them all sorted and I think that by the end of summer I will be done with this. 
Michael's has Project Life page protectors on sale so I bought a bunch of them (the big box of 60 was about $10).  Hobby Lobby had the We R Memory Keepers, which I prefer, on sale for $7 for 10 protectors with the different sized pockets.  I bought their last 3 packs and can't find them anywhere else locally.  Which is the reason that I switched to the PL ones.  Hopefully they will be as durable as the WRMKs ones. 
I color code my albums.  Somewhat anyway.  I use blue or black leather for my layouts but this pretty green leather album will be used for my photos.
It looks really bright right?  But it's not.  It is a really pretty shade of green.  WRMK's albums are just lovely.  Very sturdy and they hold a lot of pages.  The ones that I purchased years and years ago look just as good as the ones I purchased last week and that makes me happy.  Plus, the rings don't slip so I don't have to worry about my pages falling out.  Which is annoying and does not make me happy :(. 
On the scrappy front, I have been spending so much time creating layouts and putting off journaling (and on some of them not even adding photos.  I have a stack of about 15 layouts with no photos.  What!) that I had to take some time to start adding the journaling.  And that is just what I have been doing.  So I've only been making a page a day.  But that is still really good for me.  
I do have one layout that I would like to share today.   It is about how awful of a sport my little guy was.  Bad combo in my house.  My husband does not believe in going easy on a newby and my oldest son, well once he finds out that something bothers Q, he will do it just to be aggravating. 

Well that's it for me.  Thanks for dropping in and have a great weekend!!!!!

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