Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Trading Pages

How often do you see pages made by other people and you realize that they used supplies that you just ordered or things that are already in your stash?  I see that often and I always wonder about what I would do differently or how I would treat the different elements on the page.  So I decided to give the idea a try.  I recently purchased this sticker sheet that I just love and decided that I would do a project,  than get online and get nosy about what other crafties created with the same thing. 

I used to love the scrapbook magazine articles that gave 3 scrappers the exact same products to create with.  It always amazed me how they came up with totally different ideas and how the products looked so much different depending on how they treated them.  I guess that this type of things is still done a lot, especially with kits and such, but I wanted to do it on a smaller level.  Just one sticker sheet and one page.  I should have it finished by Friday or Monday at the latest and will do a post about my results. 

I am still busy in my craft room and I must have babies on the brain because 50% of my layouts are about babies.  My babies this time.  I can't get enough of doing pictures about my daughter when she was a baby.  I guess cause she was my first and such an incredible child.  I was so very, very lucky that she was my first! 


This layout about my youngest was an idea gone wrong.  Of course it will go into my album but man on man did I have a hard time with it.  The picture didn't come out right and the present idea just fell flat in the end.  The layout is okay but I think that I will try again on another page to get it right.  To get it to come out the way it looks in my head....
Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you had a fantastic day!

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