Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Not So Great Photos

but a fantastic memory.  When my kids were little, they loved Chuck-E-Cheese.  What kid doesn't?  So we ended up there at least once a month.  Quentin & Destiny loved that little car that spits out a photo after you ride it so I have a handful of these blurry, black & white photos of them.  I decided what the hell.  My scrapbooks, a very good memory, they are going on a page.  The photos make me smile every time so that's got to be worth something right? 

Can I say that I just love how bright and colorful the layout is.  Man those pictures are making me even happier now!

It's simple and doesn't have a ton of stuff but I am finding that if I use bright colors, I need to use less embellishment.  If I use very soft or monochromatic colors, more stuff looks good on the page.  Could that be a new rule of thumb?  Maybe.
I don't have much today so I will leave you with wishes for a very happy humpday and a photo from an evening well spent.  If you have not done this, I highly recommend it!  There were giggles, lots of singing and some really bad jokes flying around:)
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