Tuesday, March 31, 2015

One Trick Pony

Do you ever feel that all of your layouts look the same?  As if you are following a recipe that has the same ingredients with the exception of one or two ingredients?  Sometimes I do.  I feel, especially if I am creating on a run, that I am falling back on the same colors and techniques over and over again.  And sometimes that is okay.  But sometimes, you really have to mix it up to keep it interesting.  That is why I love to scraplift or follow a video or buy a kit.  It keeps me interested.  It keeps me growing.  I realize that I am talking about scrapbooking and not some major life event but this is a big part of my life.  It is truly something that I enjoy doing and it keeps me sorta grounded.

I had a great weekend of crafting and so far a couple of days too.  I have been doing so many scraplifts that for a minute, it seemed as if I was losing my own style but I realize that you never lose something that personal to who you are.  You just put it aside.  

My pinterest boards are overflowing with things I want to try (in every area of my life) and lately, in order to justify the amount of time I spend on there, I have been recreating, trying, implementing my pins.  It's fun.  Seriously fun.  I created a layout based on one of my favorite scrappers designs.  Kelly Foster is so talented.  I just love her colorful style and pages.  This page was pinned when I first started with pinterest. 

The black with pops of pink and all that white space just spoke to me for this photo of my daughter and my best friends son.  They were born days apart (June 15th & 19th) so everyone thought they were twins for a while.  Except Drew was huge and Ariel was tiny:)

Enough of my jabber, here's the page......

I made the dots with gloss medium and than used a palette knife to spread the extra all over the page.  LOVE how it came out!  I couldn't catch the effect with the camera (it was so overcast yesterday!) but it looks like the shiny parts on resist paper.  YUM 
I've also been using my hoard so there is a ton of watercolor, old prima and washi tape on this baby.....

That's it for me today.  How about you?  How are you getting your craft on? 
Thanks for stopping by and have a great Tuesday!!!!!

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