Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekends Are For.........

Creating!  Lately, I have been spending all of my time on the weekends playing, sorting and just making stuff.  It has been fantastic!!  I know that with spring and summer approaching our family will be a lot busier and my weekends will be inhaled by camping, fishing, visiting, picnics, travel and a ton of other stuff that we manage to do. 

We have decided that this is going to be the year that we try some new adventures.  We are going to go rock climbing.  Rock climbing.  For the first time ever.  At 45 years old.  Deep breath, it will be a baby rock, I can do this.  That's not the only thing we will be trying but that is the scariest for me.  Maybe it will end up in the never doing that again category with white water rafting (absolutely terrifying!  Never ever ever doing that again!!) but I will at least try it.   

The point is that I will have to find other ways to get my creating in.  I have always failed at this.  When life gets busy for me, I tend to not create but this time I am going to do my best to keep it crafty.  What is looking like the best option is for me to get up a little earlier during the week or go to bed a little later.  Which is hilarious because I am normally in bed by 8 or so.  For reals yall, I am a serious early bird.  If you don't mind sharing, I would love to hear how you get your crafting done when life gets busy.

So back to this weekend.  As I continue to sort through my photos, I am setting aside some photos & memorabilia that I just can't wait to scrap.  I found my oldest son's sonogram photo and was so unhappy to see how damaged it had gotten due to my crappy storage method.  Box + precious photo = damage.  Ugh. 

I found this layout on pinterest a long time ago and was so inspired by it but never had the right photo.  The sonogram was perfect and I am so happy with how the layout turned out.  I even think my artsy mixed media skills are getting better:)

I really love this page!  The doilies, lace and flowers.  Those book pages and frames.  Happy place....

So happy that you took the time out of your busy day to stop by and visit me!  Have a great Monday!!

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